Design that stands out

Our designers approached the project with creativity and high-level of professionalism, all in order to create an attractive and lasting vehicle branding for Venera Cosmetics. For this type of advertising, it is important to make sure that you attract attention by creating memorable graphics. The goal is the advertising message to reach as many people as possible. The specific thing, in this case, is that you don’t have much time to leave an impression on people.

The ancient female figure and the temple symbolize the mysterious and godly scents offered by the company. The slight purple gradient resembles the sweet aromas in the air. The logo of the company is visible from all sides and provides clear information about the company. The design and the details transform the vehicle into effective advertising.

A road attraction

Vehicle branding serves as a “mobile” ad for each company and its products. Parked or on the road, Venera Cosmetics’ vehicles promote the company to as many people as possible. Their elegant and attractive look represents the company in its best light. That is why you have to choose a design that stands out. This will guarantee you good results and more effective advertising.

Branding with high-quality and lasting self-adhesive film

The longevity of the ad plays a big part. We work with 3M Commercial graphics – proven world class quality advertising materials. Wrapped with such advertising film, the ad will last for at least 3 years. If requested by the customer, we can re-brand the vehicle. This happens fast, easy and without any adhesion leftovers. The other advantage is that the film protects the paint of the vehicle during exposure to bad weather conditions, heavy wind, rain, humidity, etc.

Client:  Venera Cosmetics

Date:  August 2010

Warranty:  2 years