The popular brand for man’s fashion Styler is one of the leaders in its industry for the manufacturing of high quality garments and they trusted us again for creating channel letters Lovech. With a young team, which is ambitious and creative, they always remain at the top of the fashion trends. Because of their business growth, they needed illuminated and non-illuminated channel letters.

We designed a system for them from illuminated and non-illuminated channel letters, which we covered in white acrylic.

Designing channel letters in Lovech for Styler shop

Designing the channel letters for Styler shop, we used the acrylic page system. Thanks to the prime materials being used, the weather conditions would not even be a problem.

As it is extremely important to present the correct colors of the logo for the client, we used film for illuminated ads 3M, which we placed on the channel letters. The illumination we used for the channel letters is one of the leaders in its market  – G.O.Q. LED. They stand out with their energy efficiencybright light, and long service life. Our experts are qualified to work with the materials of 3М and always keep up with agility and speed when used in manufacturing for different ads.

Designing non-illuminated channel letters for Styler

Non-illuminated channel letters Lovech, we covered with 3mm white acrylic. They attach a vision of sophistication and emphasize the brand of the company in a perfect way. We manufactured non-illuminated channel letters from acrylic “sandwich-type”, to maximize the corporate identity of the brand. We use special technology so that the letters are self-adhesive. This makes their installation extremely easy, without the help of an experienced craftsman.

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Client:  New Style LTD

Date:  January 2020

Warranty: 2 years

Location: Lovech