Channel letters Pleven – illuminated acrylic letters – LEONI

Client: LEONI

Date: November 2019

Warranty: 3 years

Type: Channel letters from acrylic

Illumination: G.O.Q. LED modules

City: Pleven

Leoni is a global provider of energy, data and energy management products, solutions and services to the automotive and other industries.

The product range includes cables, optical fibers, standardized cables, specialty cables and other systems. The plant in Pleven is a supplier to one of the major car manufacturers in Europe.

Illuminated channel letters Pleven

For the development of the channel letters for Leoni, we used a system for acrylic pages.

Due to the high quality materials, weather conditions for the region would not be a problem. It was very important for us to present the right colors of the company logo, that’s why we used film for illuminated ads 3M2330 which we placed over the channel letters.

Branding Pleven - LEONI

For the illumination we trusted again the proven manufacturer for light modules G.O.Q LED. They deliver on the promise for bright and quality illumination for the channel letters on the restaurant and the warranty is 3-years fully covered.

The materials, the technology of development, the good illumination, the given time for finishing the project and our professionally trained qualified team helped for delivering maximum effect result. For the installment of we used spacers for more visible channel letters in Pleven. The effect of this ad is to make more recognizable brand.