Client: TOME

Date: October 2017

Warranty: 3 years

Type: Inox channel letters

Illumination: G.O.Q. LED modules

City: Gabrovo

TOME Ltd. is specialized in importing and trading machinery, spare parts, and equipment for the metalworking industry. Throughout the years they have established long-term and trustworthy relations with many foreign companies. This undeniable fact, and the high level of internal organization, have helped for their fast development in this business niche.

To complete their business look, we designed and manufactured channel letters, mounted on the reception.

Style and elegance with inox channel letters

The inox channel letters, that we manufactured for TOME, are the perfect addition to their interior. The label TOME is laser-cut template of stainless steel sheet that is molded in the form of the company’s logo. The surface of the inox channel letters is mirror-like, that adds even more elegance and style to the letters.

To complete their business look and ensure even more attractive advertisement, we singled out the Korean G.O.Q. LED modules. The key feature of the advertisement is the fact that is mounted with distance holders that provide a certain distance between the ad and the surface on which they are mounted. Thus, we created alluring back-lit illumination, that brings out the contours of the channel letters. The entire installation is mounted on a wall decorated with artificial grass.

Why choose inox for your ad?

The inox is extremely suitable material for the manufacture of different advertising installations, especially when it is an meant for exterior mounting. It is highly resistant to bad weather conditions, heavy wind, humidity, and rain.
Besides these qualities, the advertisements made from inox are elegant and stylish, which makes them the perfect solution for different company advertisements. The surface of the letters can be either textured or mirror-like (smooth).

This material is suitable for hotels, restaurants, offices, business buildings, and many others.