Yablanitsa is located in Lovech district, near Lukovit, Teteven and Pravets, and is the administrative center of Yablanitsa Municipality. Located in the Predbalkan area, the city offers beautiful nature views and nearby tourism destinations such as the cave Saeva dupka, Dragoitsa hill, the Okaptsite area, the Glozhensky monastery, the Morovitsa cave.

At the end of June, we installed channel letters Yablanica at the entrance of the city, which is located on the main republican road I-3. So the colorful letters will welcome travelers through the mountain town. Yablanitsa can already boast of channel letters with the name of the city.

Channel letters Yablanitsa decorated the entrance to the city

We made advertising letters with aluminum pages and a plexiglass face for the inscription with the name of the city. This type of channel letters is characterized by strength, resistance and durability. Because of these advantages they are often installed in places with difficult access, as they do not require maintenance. They can be with or without LED lighting. Channel letters Yablanitsa are produced non-illuminated, but with the option to install LED modules in the future and the inscription to be illuminated. With its vibrant and captivating aesthetic, this city advertisement is poised to leave a lasting impact, ensuring it remains conspicuous and unforgettable.

Superior quality

Colorful channel letters for a city have gained wide popularity and are performed in various modifications, according to appearance and materials. Those produced at the Media Design advertising agency are covered by a 3- to 5-year warranty and work flawlessly for at least twice as long. With 30 years of experience in the industry, we can offer an optimal solution for any interior or outdoor advertising project. We care about quality and do not compromise.

Client: Yablanitsa Municipality

Date: June 2023

Warranty: 3 years

City: Yablanitsa, reg. Lovech