Vetren is a town in southern Bulgaria, Pazardzhik region. It is famous for its fresh air and beauty. The municipality turned to the Media Design Advertising Agency for an additional modern accent in the city center. Their desire was to get involved in the popular trend – colored illuminated channel letters for a city.

Illuminated channel letters Vetren

Channel letters are made of specialized aluminum profile and Plexiglas. This letter system guarantees high durability and strength in outdoor conditions. Their face is plastered with 3M Scotchcal 2300 to emphasize the lighting.

When choosing LED modules, our team once again trusted the Korean manufacturer G.O.Q. LED. Their LEDs have a Samsung chip, and their technology fits perfectly with any type of advertising product.

Why colored letters?

Many municipalities have already chosen channel letters to create a new attraction in cities. This type of product quickly proved to be a favorite of the residents. Colored letters attract the attention of tourists every day and create a good mood.

Our team made sure that the inscription was strengthened with the necessary precautions for its protection in order to fulfill its role for years to come.

Client: Vetren

Date: January 2022

Warranty: 3 years

City: Vetren

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