The town of Breznik is located near Pernik and is the third largest in the district. It is also the administrative center of Breznik Municipality. The city has a thousand-year history, and as part of the Bulgarian state, it dates back to the time of King Peter. There are many preserved cultural monuments from different eras, such as the medieval church “Sveta Petka”, the megalithic temple-well “Pusto Gurlo”, the Bilinski Monastery, the Black Mountain Monastery, old houses – architectural monuments, as well as many remains of centuries-old buildings.

In 2020, the city management asked us to produce the emblematic channel letters for cities. With the spectacular Breznik channel letters, the city will welcome residents and tourists.

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Representative and sustainable channel letters Breznik

The municipal center preferred the inscription to be in white color, in contrast to most guides who chose colored channel letters for their cities. We made channel letters Breznik with a proven durable system with Alurapid and Plexiglas. These illuminated channel letters feature perfect vision and high durability. We installed premium LED lighting from the Korean company G.O.Q. LED, which is a leading manufacturer of LED modules for illuminated advertising. With them, large Breznik letters will shine brightly and economically, and their safety is guaranteed.

The overall implementation of the advertisement is a prerequisite for its long-term operation, without the need for maintenance. Stylish and representative channel letters were obtained, which became a wonderful accent of the garden in front of the Municipality. For years to come, the large channel letters Breznik will be a cause for smiles and will create a mood for everyone.

Client:  Municipality Breznik

Date: September 2020

Warranty: 3 years

City: Breznik