The newly opened Hotel Jägerhof will impress you with a luxurious atmosphere and first-class service. For their guests they offer a offers spacious common areas, a modern lobby bar, a cozy restaurant, a lobby with free access to computers. There you will find the necessary comfort for your stay. The management of Hotel Jagerhof trusted the Media Design Advertising Agency for the overall branding of the building. For them, we have created a lot of different advertising products such as evacuation interior signs and even designer, decorative lightening.

Designer lightening

One of our biggest advantages is that we have the opportunity to create unique products for you and your business. The production of this designer lighting for the Hotel Jägerhof proves this. In the manufacturing process, we used a metal base, plexiglass for the face, and LED modules. In recent years, LED lighting has become a trend, and we work with proven manufacturers in this field. For this project, we trusted the Korean manufacturer G.O.Q LED.

First, we installed the designer lighting in the hotel lobby. They are rectangular and glow in soft and warm light, matching the comfort that the room brings. The second type of decorative lighting we installed outside the entrance. The specific thing about them is not only the rhomboid shape but also the fact that they glow with warm light inside and cold light outside. This effect attracts attention and creates an emphasis on the hotel entrance.

Hotel branding

Advertising agency Media Design has many years of experience in partial or overall hotel branding. Our professionals fully comply with company quality standards and complement the established interior and exterior design.

Client:  Hotel Jägerhof

Date: August 2020

Warranty: 3 years

City: Plovdiv