Client: Abacus Broker

Date: May 2019

Warranty: 2 years

Type: Embossed letters

City: Plovdiv

Abacus Broker preferred Signmaking company Media Design for the implementation of branding their office in Plovdiv. In addition to installing outdoor ads, we designed and mounted all the interior products that sustain the company’s good reputation. One of the most impressive interior decorations is the textile sign with printed forest landscape that refreshes the atmosphere in the room. We also added channel letters on one of the wall in the office to increase brand awareness.

Acrylic channel letters decorated the office of the insurance company

The specific logo of the insurance broker was manufactured in channel letters technology. All the elements looks like spheres on which are applied the letters from the company name ABACUS. The lettering is mounted steady on a black metal base to resemble the logo.

The embossed letters Broker with handwriting font are made of acrylic and vinyl film. The main advantage of this type of channel letters is the opportunity to be produced in complex and specific shapes. An other advantage of sandwich type letters is that they can be manufactured as self-adhesive product that is easy to be installed.

The interior ad helps increasing brand awareness as a reliable and authority company.

Frosted window film with brand name applied on a glass partition

In the office there is a small room divided by glass partition and door. We wrapped the bottom side of the windows using 3M frosted film. Above the wrapped ареа we added а line with the letters Abacus Broker. The glass partition received more elegant look and added a partial privacy to the room.