Vehicle branding for cleaning services LitiaStad

The Swedish cleaning service trusted us with the creation of outdoor advertising. We branded one of LitiaStad’s vehicles with the most attractive 3M self-adhesive films.

For this purpose, we used IJ170 Cv3. These films provide high-quality and lasting advertising graphics. The self-adhesive cast film IJ170 Cv3 covers perfectly all surfaces even those with 3D curves. For higher durability of the ad, we applied 3M overlaminates on all graphics.

The design of the ad combines bright colors with catchy images. Sign making company Media Design creates all types of outdoor ads, regardless of the whereabouts of the customer. As a 3M authorized manufacturer, we stand behind high-quality advertising materials. LitiaStad’s company vehicle is branded with materials backed in 3M™ MCS™ Warranty.

Client:  Cleaning Services Litia

Date:  October 2016

Warranty: 2 years

Location: Trelleborg, Sweden

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