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New, 10 times more energy-efficient installation

From the METRO store, located in Plovdiv – bul. “St. Peterburg” 135, contacted us for a responsible task – repairing of channel letters on the roof. Replacement of the illumination of the advertising letters was needed. Over the years, the old neon system has depreciated, and neither it shines bright, nor it’s any efficient.

To meet the high standards of reliability, which the brand requires, METRO Bulgaria has chosen the best illumination for advertising elements. These are LED modules of leading American manufacturer SloanLED featuring high performance, energy efficiency, and long-lasting life.

Metro Store Plovdiv with new LED installation SloanLED Prism

The channel letters are 2.50m high and the length of the entire advert is almost 14 meters. For the illumination of the huge lettering, we used specially designed LED modules for illuminated channel inscriptions – SloanLED Prism. With its wide-angle of illumination of 180°, they provide bright and even illumination of the advertising. The patented technology of the unique lenses with micro prisms is an exceptional breakthrough on SloanLED associated with multiple tests.

Thanks to the excellent visibility of SloanLED Prism, the huge channel letters METRO illuminated perfectly with only 530 modules. With this LED installation, the total energy needed with sizes 2.5m high and 14m length is below 600W. By comparison, the old neon system consumed about 6 kW.

This means that after the repair of the channel letters METRO, the advertising spends 10 times less electricity and at the same time, it glows much more strongly.

5 years full warranty on the illumination after repairing channel letters Metro

SloanLED Prism Enlighten

A very important step in the evolution of development of the LED technologies is Constant Current Technology (CCT), which SloanLED first introduced to the market. Unlike the standard LED systems, all SloanLED modules for channel lettershave this technology implemented. That’s how they eliminate circuit losses and voltage drops.

Constant Current Technology provides even illumination throughout the system while preventing damage from overheating the LEDs. This advantage of the LED modules SloanLED Prism is a guarantee of efficiency and long life. The official warranty, that comes from the manufacturer is 5 years.

As a company with knowledge and experience in manufacturing and mounting of outdoor advertisements, we also offer high-quality services, such as repairing channel letters or signs. After completion of the repairing, the adverts receive a warranty of 3 to 5 years, depending on the type of LED lighting, which is placed.

When repairing the channel letters of METRO store we installed the SloanLED Prism, which covers the full 5-year warranty from Advertising agency Media Design. With this warranty, long life, and high efficiency, the LED illumination SloanLED has won the trust of METRO. The accurately refurbished and repaired channel letters have kept them calm for many more years to come.