Channel letters tailored to your needs, realized by Media Design

Channel letters are one of the most attractive outdoor advertising product. They impress with design, workmanship and grace.Channel letters are illuminated and non-illuminated, interior or exterior (on buildings or in open spaces). Their advantages are the attractive vision, resistance to to weather conditions such as wind, rain, snow, cold or heat, and last but not least a long life.

Channel letters make the brand looks more luxurious and they are preferred by companies who want to have a more prestigious representation. Most of the banks, insurance company, shopping centers and public building are using this kind of advertising. Channel letters are suitable for restaurants, restaurants, fashion shops, as well as representative offices. The fact that they are three-dimensional makes them noticeable during the day, and when the illumination is added – we get 24 hours of working sign that advertises the brand.

Acrylic channel letters Heineken
Bulbank - illuminated channel letters from alurapid
Back lit channel letters - 
Medical University of Plovdiv
Back Lit
Inox channel letters - Andy

Why ordering channel letters at Media Design?

We produce beautiful and long-lasting channel letters, and our main goal for each project is to offer the best alternative design for its creation. With 24 years of experience in the field of outdoor signmaking, we have a clear view of how to realize illuminated and non-illuminated channel letters quickly and efficiently.  Our qualified team offers attractive and functional signs and channel letters that will advertise your brand for years. To ensure the quality of our products, we grand from 3 to 5 years of warranty.

The quality of service and the great client approach help us to build strong relationships with many of our clients. Most of them have become regular clients and they have testified their satisfaction. Read all Client’s testimonials.

Very large channel letters - Zona for home
Very large
Embedded channel letters - RewardGateway
Channel letters "sandwich" type - Autopro

What are the benefits of the channel letters made by Media Design?

✓ Increased brand awareness
✓ Perfect brand image perceived by the clients
✓ 100% quality guarantee
✓ Fast and efficient services according to your needs
✓ Responsibility


he factors cosidered when setting the price are the materials, the design and whether the channel letters are illuminated ot not.

The channel letters are an important investment, as they are used as a key element in the marketing strategy of many clients.  After all, they are the face of the company.

The letters are made from high-quality materials with strength and functionality guarantee – acryl, polycarbonate, 3M film, alurapid, stainless steel sheet, and high-quality LED modules from some of the most reputed American and Korean manufacturers,  and with the highest level of dust and water protection IP68.

All channel letters are with from 2 to 5 years  warranty

The life cycle of our products does not end with the expiration of the warranty period. It lasts much longer than the indicated deadlines. Our channel letters and logos can seamlessly work for many years.