Channel letters from stainless steel – excellent image advertising for any business

Illuminated advert with channel letters from stainless steel is a great solution for administrative buildings, banks, hotels, restaurants, shops, etc. because of its attractive appearance and strength. Manufacturing these kind of adverts is very special, after they’re fully done the channel letters from stainless steel they look completely flat. Thanks to the fine assembly on the sheets of stainless steel, the letters are with perfect vision, even when viewed closely.The possible size and process for more complex shapes of the channel letters may vary, which for some of you is a big advantage.

How we develop illuminated channel letters from stainless steel?

The face of the channel letters from stainless steel is being cut by lazer on a pre-prepared layout with exact sizes. Around it, we mount sides from stainless steel, which should not be shorter than 1.5 cm, in order to hide the LED illumination and to achieve the halo effect around and behind the lettering. Thanks to the flexibility of the sheets from stainless steel, the pages bend relatively easy on the contour of the letters. At this type of advertising letters, the back can’t be closed, so we can see the backlit (halo) illumination. What contributes even more to the effect and enhances it is the transparency of the material. Before installing the LED modules, at the kitchen of the letters are being installedspacers (halo stainless steel metal tubes). Thanks to them the channel letters attach to the wall or another basis and holds the letter at a distance from it. And like that, the light from LED diodes reflects at the base and is reflected as a halo. Sometimes it requires at the back to be installed cover of transparent sheet material, which has the ability to scatter the light. This option is usually resorted to when the letters are installed indoor and are visible at close range and in detail. In that way, the illumination is being hidden so that the kitchen is not visible.

The foundation is important for a really impressive effect на of the channel letters!

Determining the strength of the backlit has the color of the base. Even that the channel letters from stainless steel do not transmit the light forward, at night we can only see the halo of the letters. That’s why the base is important, which reflects the light to be brighter and better illuminated. The other key element is the intensity of the illumination (the power of the LEDs). For the illumination of the channel letters from stainless steel, we from “Media Design” used the brightest series modules from Samsung LED. They guarantee durable and quality illumination with long-term warranty (over 5 years). The channel letters from stainless steel with backlit illumination are a perfect outdoor advertisement. The material, from which are being developed is sustainable in the weather conditions, as they will not change its appearance for a long time. The installed from us advertising letters have a guarantee of at least 3 years and at least another 3 years will have an up-to-date appearance. The letters from stainless steel can be used for interior advertisement – they give extra sophistication and they are often compared to luxury style.


See how channel letters from stainless steel are being installed: