Repairing signs – advantages

Over the last few years we successfully perform repair of signs with steel profile and vinyl. That way we “revive” them and the sign look and function like a new one’s. Repairing signs is a very cheap way to renovate the advertisement of shops, banks, offices, etc. It is especially right for signs with large sizes, where the un-mounting requires a team not just with more people, but also a specialized equipment.

  • Without unmounting, performed on the spot
  • It’s happening easy and fast
  • The sing looks like a new
  • You receive lasting and sustainable advertising
  • Covered by 3 or 5 years full warranty
Repairing signs with vinyl - Media Design

Advertising agency Media Design has a special aluminum profile for signs, which are mounted directly over the existing sign. Using it, for fixing at a spot, doesn’t require uninstalling the previous advert. Repairing is happening on the spot and it’s done fast and with breeze by our team.

How do you repair signs?

Cleaned and ready sign for repair

Firstly, the vinyl is removed

Depending on the type of it’s grip, our team decides how to take it down. Most often the vinyl canvas is cut, that saves additional effort and time.

Repairing signs - Mounting aluminum profile for signs with vinyl

Repairing the signs includes mounting of specialized aluminum profiles for easy and fast installing of the vinyl.

Over the existing metal frame of the sign that grips the aluminum stretch profile of vinyl. If necessary, the pages are edged with etalbond. The profile we offer perfectly fits even the densest vinyl, which, if it is to be stretched by hand, it will not look so smooth and quality made. For the face of the signs, high-quality vinyl sheets are being used 3M Panagraphics III with density 650 gr./ m2, reinforced with strings…

Repairing signs - Placing the new LED lightning

Placing new LED illumination

Changing the illumination is recommended for longer life of the advertising signs. We can offer effective and quality LED illumination with the Korean illumination modules G.O.Q. LED. They are reliable, durable, and bright and evenly ads. With them, the signs are covered with 3-year warranty. For busy and more demanding applications we have the opportunity to give a 5-year warranty.

These are the American LED modules SloanLED, which are the best technology for illumination of the adverts. They have a life of over 100 000 hours, has the power for high light output, they are bright and effective. Not only the repair of the sign, but the illumination also has an important role.

Stretching the advertising vinyl

Mounting new vinyl with advertising vision

After changing the old illumination system with the new LED installation, the new vinyl stretch over the aluminum frame (profile).

Placing the closing caps at the face of the sign

The profile is being closed with special caps

The final step of the repair of the signs is placing the closing caps on the profile. After that, the sign has a fully done and fresh new look.

A professionally and responsibly sign repair will bring you many more years of peace. Our proven working technology for repairing signs is a perfect way to „revive“ depreciated signs, by giving them a new opportunity to advertise your business.