Zhivkovi Ltd. is among the fastest-growing on the market in the sector of production and trade of vegetable salads. Offers quality vegetable mixes of fresh salads – iceberg, arugula, lolo bionda, lolo rosso, frieze and more. Salads are completely natural and vitamin-free, without preservatives. They go through several washes to be ready for direct consumption and to refresh the consumer’s table.

Thus, the attractive and delicious vegetable salads needed a new, more modern, and attractive packaging. From Media Design we took care to design the packaging as soon as possible, so as to satisfy the customer’s requirements and present the products in a proper way.

Attractive packaging design for green salads Zhivkovi Ltd.

The packaging is designed in green – the color that is most often associated with fresh, fresh food. Each of the vegetable mixes has a special colored box with information about the composition and a symbol of the purity of the salad. Of course, the company logo is also positioned on the front of the envelope, as well as a sign of the origin of the product. Half of the package is transparent so that the mixes can be seen by the user.

The packaging design of the different vegetable salads is identical, the difference being in the colors of the box with the name of the salads. The aim is to make the packaging recognizable to customers and to associate it with the quality and correctness of the brand Zhivkovi Ltd.

Client: Zhivkovi Ltd

Date: August 2019

Warranty: 3 years

City: Kurtovo Konare