For the past 19 years AIBO LTD have been producing additives for liquid fuels and automotive liquids. The company is one of the leaders in its industry at Bulgarian market with its own brand fuel additives Helios. Company mission is manufacturing products which decrease air pollution in the cities and improve the fuel quality.

The management of AIBO prefers Media Design team for creating the label design of Helios products – fuel additives and automotive liquids. Our Design department took care of this responsible project. The process of creating the design is complex and it is connected to the specific industry sector.

Brand awareness and style – Helios products

The newest label design of Helios products helps to increase their brand awareness. The labels are informative and distinguishable so you need only one look to be aware of the product content. The creative design of fuel additives labels contains suitable images and scripts for a more attractive look. The main concept is included in all types of product packages to fit them perfectly.

Thanks to the attractive labels the Helios brand and the company are presented in the best way. The other main purpose of the pack and label is “to sell” the product. These marketing goals are determinant for the design. Using their experience and knowledge the product designers created modern and impressive labels for the Helios liquid fuels. The design fully responded to customer requirements.

Client:  AIBO-S LTD

Date:  November 2018

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Plovdiv