One of the fast-growing companies in dairy production – Inter D, has demanded us to create label design for their products. According to the specifics of their business and their requirements, we created new and beautiful labels for salt-free ayran, boiled cow’s milk, and fruit milk. They are both eye-catching and informative. They grab the attention and they say “buy me” and they also introduce the customer to the main information about the origin and composition of the drinks. We have complied with the labeling requirements laid down in the Food Act. Components, weight, manufacturer, etc. are entered

InterD product impress with their fresh label design

For the labels, designed by our professionals, have selected appropriate color and theme images. The texts must be clearly and legibly written and arranged so that they are easily understandable to the consumer. Even the last details are taken into consideration so each product looks just great. We know how important is the image for each of our business partners, and we strive to support it through our designs. Our main goal is their prestigious performance. No matter if it is packaging, label, flyer or other advertising product, the focus is on the success of our customers.

Client:  Dairy production – Inter D

Date:  August 2019

Warranty: –

Location: Plovdiv