At the beginning of this year, we were asked for a logo design for a company whose activity is related to the production of luxury wooden cabins. Customers had some basic requirements for the vision of the logo, which had to be present in the composition.

Logo design for Alpina Luxury Chalets

Since the production is located in the village of Banya, Razlog Municipality – known for its mineral springs, there had to be an element in the logo that would be associated with water. The other important condition for the design was that the logo be associated with the spirit of the mountain, from which the timber for the villas is actually extracted.

We met all the requirements and the result was a harmoniously composed logo. It can be safely used to make various paper printing services such as T-shirts, calendars, notebooks, pens, etc.

Client:  Alpina Luxury Chalets

Date:  March 2019

City: v. Banya