High in the clouds, where you can feel the breath of the mountain breeze and indulge in peace and quiet in the mountains, huddled Pleven Hut. It recently houses the first Reading Room Books in the Clouds, created on the idea of ​​enthusiastic mountaineer Milen Nedelchev. In a completely renovated and cozy room, with an incredible view of Botev Peak and North Jendem, you can enjoy your favorite reading and fully relax in the magical atmosphere of the books and the mountains.

Books in the Clouds is a great initiative that aims to build more reading rooms in various mountain huts across the country. These places help to keep the cultural and spiritual world of the people alive, through the beauty of literature and nature.

The reading room in Pleven Hut has many books on various topics, most of which were donated to the cause. Here you will free your mind from the hectic pace of everyday life – with a book in hand, in the fresh air, and in a majestic view. And for connoisseurs of classical music, the Library in the clouds library has prepared evenings with virtuoso performances by prominent pianists. For this purpose, the room is equipped with a grand piano, which complements the magic of this place.

The logo of Books in the Clouds, inspired by the magic of a good cause

The founder and initiator of the Reading Room “Books in the Clouds” – Milen Nedelchev, turned to the designers of Media Design to create a logo for the project. The logo had to look “mountaineering”, but also to suggest the main idea – the books. The design fully meets the requirements of the client – a logo with a modern vision and completely in the theme. In both the Bulgarian and English versions, the logo looks equally good and stylistically sound. Both elements are intertwined in it – a book and a mountain, in a harmonious composition. The black color of the trademark contrasts with an element in orange – the sun behind the mountain. This contributes to its fresher and more attractive look.

Clients: Books in the Clouds

Date: October 2018

City: Pleven Hut