“Keepsake” is a promising project which would become the first souvenir collection in the world. The company is developing a mobile application which will suggest you certain types of souvenirs depending on your location.

The application also will recommend specific landmarks and the shortest route to them.

Logo design is an art.

The logo design we created for Keepsake is very stylish, and at the same time, thematic. That is why there is an airplane to create an association with traveling and tourism.

Never underestimate the power of your company logo. It may inspire your potential client to trust you, or it may make them feel indifferent to you. That is the reason why the logo design, must be discussed well. You can choose what type of message to create and how to affect people.

Trust the experienced ones

Media Design offers logo design and redesign. We can realize projects for companies from different sectors – restaurants, hotels, construction companies, fashion houses, shops, agrarian and agricultural companies, IT companies, and others.

The main purpose of the logo design is to make it appealing to customers and contribute to their success.

Client:  Keepsake

Date:  Август 2019

Warranty: 3 години

City: Пловдив